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   FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1. Which Thickness available in Honeycomb boards ?
   a. Honeycomb boards are available in 15, 20, 25, 30, 45, 50, 55, 60 millimetres

Q.2 How to get quotation for the honeycomb boards or packaging solutions ?
   a. Mail us the product details with measurements on
   b. In case of Regular order, You will soon receive the acknowledgement with quotation
   c. In case of new order, ( if necessary) Company visit with technical expert will
       be arranged. Detailed designs will be discussed, quotation will be sent accordingly.

Q.3 When will I receive the honeycomb boards after providing "Purchase Order" ?
   a. For honeycomb boards - Minimum 7 working days
   b. For Honeycomb panels - Minimum 15 working days

Q.4 What dimensions of honeycomb boards are ready to dispatch ?
   a. Following dimensions with Length x width x thickness (in mm) will available within 3 days after receiving
      Purchase order.
       i. Node size 10 mm
           1. 1050 X 2000 X 30
           2. 1050 X 2000 X 45

Q.5 What is the main difference between Corrugated sheets and honeycomb boards ?
   a. Please refer our article on corrugated sheets vs honeycomb boards

Q.6 What is the minimum order quantity for Honeycomb boards ?
   a. For Honeycomb Boards( Packaging ) - the min. order quantity is 500 square meters.
   b. For honeycomb Panels (Display panel ) -the min. order quantity is 2000 square meters.

Q.7 What will be the payment policy for Company or BoB transactions ?
   a. For first 3 months- 50% Advance with Purchase order & 50% before dispatch
   b. After successful business of 3 months -Credit limit and duration will be discussed on mutual concerns

Q.8 What is honeycomb Box ? do you supply honeycomb box
   a. Honeycomb box is made up of honeycomb panels with kraft paper as outliner. It gives you extra strength and it
       replaces the conventional wooden boxes for up to 400 kg products.
   b. Yes. We have one of a kind honeycomb.


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