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Honeycomb Corners, Edge Protectors

We are Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of Honeycomb Corners, Edge Protectors. Our setup is situated in Shivapur, Pune, Maharashtra, India. We export worldwide but majorly we serve our product to customers from Pune.
Honeycomb Corner, Edge Protectors
Honeycomb Corner, Edge Protectors
Honeycomb Corner, Edge Protectors
Honeycomb Corner, Edge Protectors
Honeycomb Corner, Edge Protectors

 Rs. 10 / Piece

*Actual Price may vary due to customization / change in Thikness, paper quality / order quantity

Standard Product Details:

  Minimum Order Quantity
 500 pieces
  Dimension & Design
Length x Width x Height
  As per customer preference
20 mm, 25 mm, 30 mm, 40 mm, 50 mm
  Node Size
6mm (High Strength)
10mm (Better Cushioning)

Detailed Description :
“Honeycomb Corner Support & Edge Protectors” are moulded from Honeycomb Boards, the corner supports ensures Damage proof and protected transport.
Unlike other conventional supports, Honeycomb Support are lightweight very easy to install and apply. Support are folded on creasing line and ready.

Honeycomb support are available in various size and thicknesses. There is an advance version of fitments which can bear up to 50 Kg. weight per square inch.
Honeycomb supports mostly preferred by exporters and MNCs. Support leave no marks on proucts. This preference is due to its simple yet robust design, easy to apply and 100% bio-degradability.

Working Principle:
Honeycomb are made from honeycomb boards or panels. The strength of any support lies in its core. Smaller is the core greater is the strength.
Support are designed to provide sturdy grip to product packed in the box. V-cuts are applied to board for getting shape of Support. The top and bottoms paper with high Bursting factor is durable enough to take stress during bending and intire shipment process.

If customer demands for high pressure strength node size 6mm will be more suitable. In case customer need more cushioning the node size 10 mm is preferred.

• Cost effective - Easy to install, less initial cost, less labour
• Do not leave any mark on product
• Wide range of dimensions and pressure loading capacities

Applications of Honeycomb Edge and Corner Supports
Control Units, Electronic Components, tempered Glass panels, Speaker systems, automobile spares, Furniture assembly parts, etc.

Advantages of Honeycomb Edge and Corner Supports :

• It is the best substitute for thermocol & Foam sheet
• Customized design ensures the exact fitting of product.
• It is easy and safe to handle and use.
• An effective material and method to discharge our responsibility towards the protection of our environment and earth.
• Special offers for Packaging Industries.

APPROVED and USED by following Multi-National Companies :
General Motors
General Motors
General Motors


Gat. No. 60, Kasurdi ( kheba ), Shivapur,
taluka Bhor, Pune - 412205, Maharashtra, India.

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