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Honeycomb Paper Pallets

We are Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of Honeycomb Paper Pallets. Our setup is situated in Shivapur, Pune, Maharashtra, India. We export worldwide but majorly we serve our product to customers from Pune.
Honeycomb Paper Pallets

 Rs 850 / Piece

*Actual Price may vary due to customization / change in Thikness, paper quality / order quantity

Standard Product Details:

  Dimension (EURO Standards)
Length x Width x Height (mm)
1200 mm x 800 mm x 160 mm
1200 mm x 1000 mm x 160 mm
Customized dimensions (min. order qty.: 1000)
  Pallet Base
Paper Base
Paper Base
(Enhanced Weight capacity)
Plastic Base
Plastic Base

(Better Support on Wet Surface)
8 kg##
5 kg##
  Load Capacity
800 Kg to 1200 kg##
300 Kg to 550 kg##
  Detailed Description
Paper Base give extra strength to Board and ensures balanced load distribution during Fork-lifting.
Plastic base is more suitable for wet floors.
Plastic Base gives extra advantage of less footprint in unloaded condition due to removal of plastic cups
Plastic Base
## Varies as per the dimension

Detailed Description :
Paper pallets are not only sturdy and lightweight but also eco-friendly. Despite of wooden pallets paper pallets are vermin free, and 100% hygienic.

Paper pallets are basically invented in early 1940s. when there was a huge issue about return trip cost. Returning of wooden pallet was equally charged by transporters as regular fares. Paper pallets resolved the issue by just recycling the pallets after its use. Cost effective and perfect solution found. But paper has certain limitations. Today, we have successfully overcome all limitations.

Paper pallets are more durable, water resistant and lightweight. Paper pallets have loading capacity from 300kg to 1200kg. Customs departments from most of the countries don’t allow metals and wood components in shipment as packaging material.

• Highly preferred for Air Shipments due to High Strength To Weight ratio
• Equipped with Water Resistant Coating making suitable for Sea-Shipments too.
• Approved design by all Countries over the Globe. As per norms few countries avoid shipment with polythene, PU Foam, wood and metal components in
   packaging material. For those countries Paper Pallets are best option to ship with.
• Greater Stability with robust design during shipment
• Designed as per EURO Standards; Additional support at Forklift spaces, 4 Way Lifting possible.

Advantages of Honeycomb Pallets / Paper Pallets :

• Paper honeycomb pallets are solid yet lightweight, extremely durable design.
• Nails-free and can bear up to 1,200 kg ## loading weight.
• Paper honeycomb pallets eliminate the hassles of import and export restrictions Encountered with wooden pallets. As such, they are and efficient,
   economical, effective and Environmental-friendly substitute for wooden and plastic pallets.
• Being free from harmful vermin, these pallets don't require chemical or heat treatment.
• Paper honeycomb pallets can be customised to meet the demands of the products to be loaded.
Special offers for Packaging Industries.

Limitation :
• Suitable for Distributed Loads only
• In case of Sea-Shipment WP Coated Pallet in recommended

APPROVED and USED by following Multi-National Companies :
General Motors
General Motors


Gat. No. 60, Kasurdi ( kheba ), Shivapur,
taluka Bhor, Pune - 412205, Maharashtra, India.

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