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Corrugated Sheets VS Honeycomb Boards / Panels

We are Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of Corrugated Sheets, Honeycomb Boards, Honeycomb Panels. Our setup is situated in Shivapur, Pune, Maharashtra, India. We export worldwide but majorly we serve our product to customers from Pune.

Corrugated Sheets
Corrugated Sheets

Honeycomb Boards
Honeycomb Boards


Packaging: Manufacturing- Boxes
Packaging : Box Fitments and partitions
  Thickness Range
2mm - 10mm
15mm - 55mm
  Detailed Description
Corrugated sheets are composite structure made by plain paper and fluted paper. The fluting is responsible for providing extra strength as well as cushioning.
Corrugated sheets are mainly manufactured to make Boxes. The percentage of glue used in corrugated sheet making is very less.
Though corrugated sheets are strength but finally it is a paper. Therefore cutting, punching, stapling and pasting, etc. processing are easily done on corrugated sheets.
Honeycomb Boards are new to the market.
This revolutionary product uses “Hardest yet Lightest Structural basics’ of nature.
Hive is made with hexagonal patterns which gives it an extra strength over the lighter weights too.
Same logic is applied in manufacturing process of Honeycomb boards.
Honeycomb Boards’ Pressure Strength can reach upto 7.5kg/cm2
  Product as a Fitments
Corrugated sheets are thin and weak therefore they don’t provide stability as inner fitment.

Honeycomb board is available in various thicknesses therefore completely customizable as per requirements. Honeycomb fitments are easy to cut, bend or paste. Please click on Fitments for more info.
Processing   Stapling
Not possible
Possible up to thickness 25 mm
Side By Side Comparison
  Products Specification
Per Square Meter
Paper : 180 GSM kraft
Thickness : 10 mm ( 7 ply)
Weight : 1.5 kg
Rate* : INR 80 / $ 1.22
Paper : 180 GSM kraft
Thickness : 20 mm ( node : 10 mm)
Weight : 1.00 kg
Rate* : INR 85 / $ 1.32


Gat. No. 60, Kasurdi ( kheba ), Shivapur,
taluka Bhor, Pune - 412205, Maharashtra, India.

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