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Paper Honeycomb Products

We are Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of Paper Honeycomb Products. Our setup is situated in Shivapur, Pune, Maharashtra, India. We export worldwide but majorly we serve our product to customers from Pune.

Honeycomb Structure is A revolutionary design, well known for it’s high strength and simplified structure. It was invented and used in Spaceships. Then in Aircrafts and now in our households and furniture.

Honeycomb made up of a Hexagonal structure called as Cell. The cell can be measured with following dimensions.
Cell Pitch is maximum distance between any 2 diagonally opposite joints.
Node is pasting area where one paper sheet is joined with other paper sheet.
Node size is major dimension which will decide the Core dimensions.
Cell size is determined by the distance between 2 opposite walls of cell.
• The cells are interlinked to form CORE. Core can only be expanded in certain proportions to get exact Cell size.

Paper Honeycomb

YOJ® pack-kraft introducing you with this revolutionary design in most simplified and light weight form. That is PAPER HONEYCOMB Products.

Paper honeycomb Products are very Durable with their Highest Strength : Weight ratio. YOJ® pack-kraft is exploring innovative methods to make efficient use of this revolutionary product. This product Catalogue will provide you a brief idea about the products manufactured in YOJ pack-kraft.

YOJ® is the only manufacturer of Honeycomb products with fully Automatized plant in Maharashtra state, INDIA. Standard Honeycomb Boards, Panels and pallets are Exported on Large scale on Daily basis. YOJ® pack-kraft also provide honeycomb products to partners from Packaging Industry for Different applications in packaging uses.

• Honeycomb Products can be used in a variety of applications including Display models, packaging, and office/room partitions.

• Based on costumer requirements YOJ® pack-kraft can provide different varieties like Water-resistant coating, UV coating, Printed Panels.
   The dimensions can also decided by Costumer in case of larger order quantities
• Honeycomb panels are manufactured using 100% recycled paper and even the bonding adhesive is bio-degradable. Therefore approved
   and preferred by all countries over the globe. EXPORTING agencies have higher preferences to paper honeycomb products due to this


Gat. No. 60, Kasurdi ( kheba ), Shivapur,
taluka Bhor, Pune - 412205, Maharashtra, India.

• Corrugated Sheets
• Thermocol
• Foam Sheets
• PU Foam
• Wooden Plywood Panels
• Plastic Panels
• Concrete Panels
• Chipboard Strips
• Tube Boards

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